Perfect Sports HULK Clean Mass Gainer Chocolate Ice Cream

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‎Perfect Sports

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‎35,1 x 31,2 x 16,7 cm; 60 gramos



13 avaliações de Perfect Sports HULK Clean Mass Gainer Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. Forever Always YoursForever Always Yours

    Large size amount of powder

    This is a great mount of powder to make my shakes, it should last a good while.This powder is very easy to use I just add it to my water bottle with either milk or water and shake.It incorporates into my liquids really well.The flavour taste just like ice cream.I also like the ingredients listed, lots of wholesome stuff in there.When I drink this I can skip a meal because it’s like I had a meal. It’s a big thumbs up for me.


    Tastes ok. Good on the go

    Packed with calories. Carb concentrated. Not much protein considering the amount of scoop you need to add. Very carb focused. Zero sugar added. My only issue is that it doesn’t mix easily in a shake; I need to use my blender to blend it properly. Taste wise ok, nothing spectacular but not the worse.

  3. AmazonEliteReviewers

    Good taste

    The Good- Good taste- Works well as expected- Safe for sportThe Bad- hard to mix

  4. Hulk 10lb protein powder

    great for gaining weight

    I’ve never been able to gain weight my whole life and since I’ve started taking hulk I’ve gained 20 pound of lean muscle only problem is you got to watch your cholesterol levels

  5. Jean-pierre Boivin

    Excellent produit !!!!!

    Je n’ai pas encore goûté quelques choses de mieuxC’est un bon rapport qualité/prix

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  6. Milton Gonçalves Quilzini

    Can’t recommend it

    I love the other flavours I tried from perfect sports products before but this one is terrible for me, I don’t know how I’ll manage to drink all this thing up.It’s also harder to dissolve then others, I’ll never buy this again and maybe I won’t ever buy a gainer from perfect sports again.

  7. Lehn Do

    It helps me gain weight and is safe for health !

    Safe way to gain way, better for health than other products. Tasty, not too sweet

    A 2 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  8. Ulysse

    Bonne saveur au bout

    Cette poudre pour entraînement Hulk es vraiment bien facile à digérer vous donne une bonne saveur. Vous donne aussi l’énergie que vous avez besoin soit à l’entraînement ou après. Les ingrédients sont très bien pour un bon entraînement ou faire du bon sport.

  9. Luke

    Delicious Taste With Complex Carbs from Wholesome Ingredients

    The Hulk Mass Gainer has a delicious taste and is made with quality complex carbs. It comes in a huge 10-pound resealable bag, that looks fantastic. It also has all the useful information at a glance, including highlights, ingredients and exact nutrition breakdown, according to two or four scoops, so you don’t have to do the math.The powder mixes easily with milk or almond milk, producing a dense, smooth, creamy drink with absolutely no clumps. The taste is just fantastic, totally delicious and reminiscent of soft-serve ice cream. It’s not exactly the same but close enough. It tastes like a liquid dessert but it’s also not too sweet.What sets this gainer apart is the clean, good-quality ingredients. They sourced wholesome, complex carbs from a variety of plants, such as buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet and more. This means you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you get a full serving of fruits and veggies and no added sugar. There isn’t a single questionable ingredient, in contrast to many other mass gainers, so I feel good about having it. This can absolutely function as a healthy meal replacement and will be a welcomed addition for any hard-gaining individuals. Full marks from me!

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  10. M and C

    Great Milkshakes!

    I do a lot of mountain biking in the spring and summer and tend to lose more weight than I want to by the end of the season. I ordered this to help keep my weight balanced and can confirm it definitely works. I ordered the Chocolate flavor and is pretty good for Milkshakes but I am not too much of a fan of it mixed with yogurt or fruit (personal preference)…will likely order the Vanilla flavor next time when I finish this bag up.

  11. Bradford Christian

    Great stuff

    I really like the taste, and I like the fact that you can just do a half portion if you are not getting carried away with your deliberate high-calorie bulking. (Just over 500cal for a half portion instead of over 1000cal for a super bulking portion!)The price is right too! I really like the huge bag. I formerly like the larger tubs / “giant plastic jar” but this huge bag has a lot more of the ‘good stuff’!Tastes great. No sore stomach. No horrible effects at some later time on the toilet.I like that it has the fruit and vegetables aspect but could personally do without the “corn” sorts of ingredients.I’d be interested in trying some other flavors of this too. So if you’re the type of person who finds a product line and sticks to it, this could be the one for you. That way, you can try some other flavors. Banana chocolate, I think it was, looks pretty cool… You could also blend a banana in, haha!

  12. S13_Kronzo

    Lots of powder

    My biggest thing is flavour. This is alright, but not the greatest tasting imo. For my needs, I need 4 scoops – which is fine, but a bit of powder does not dissolve having to use so much.I like the idea of getting my daily intakes of fruit and vegetable servings being taken care of by one shake.If the flavour was a bit better (again in my own opinion) I would probably keep buying it.

  13. Abdullah Jirjees

    Too sweet

    The product is nice, but because it is a mass gainer they filled it with sugar, seriously it is too sweet. I didn’t like that. They did that to cover the number of calories that they mentioned. Otherwise the taste (flavour) is good.

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